Friday, November 28, 2014

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Maybe that should be Goose See, Goose Do. Lottie is in a mimicking stage, which is actually a lot of fun. It is crazy how quickly she can pick things up. We have a couple of fun videos of what Lottie is learning.

Lottie has a thing about straws. She still doesn't know how to drink from one, but she loves chewing on them. Since I use straws all the time, she has figured out how to steal the straw from me and put it in her mouth. It is pretty neat to watch her increasing dexterity.

The other day Chris taught Lottie how to make noises with her mouth. We just happened to film it. I think she looks and acts so old in this one. The goose is definitely growing up.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!!!

Post Thanksgiving feast of Sweet Potatoes mixed with breastmilk (I know--yum, right?)

Monday, November 24, 2014

When Lottie grows up...

                                                          ...she wants to be just like her daddy.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A New Cousin!!!

Chris' sister Elizabeth and her hubs Aaron are the proud parents of a precious little girl, Claire Evelyn. She arrived Wednesday at 4:04 pm. She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. Mom and baby are doing great, and we are so excited Lottie's little girl cousin is here!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Return to the Motherland – Part 1

Post written October 16, 2014

As I sit writing this post on the front porch of the Aero-Bee Ranch enjoying the 78 degree weather and listening to the breeze rustle the trees, I can’t help but feel at peace. It is so quiet here with no road sounds or city noise.

It is incredibly beautiful here at my favorite place on Earth. Don’t get me wrong, upstate South Carolina is gorgeous and probably prettier by most people’s standards than Texas Hill Country, but Texas Hill Country has something special to me that no place ever could or will have.

It is so good to be home.

It has been 9.5 months since we were last in Texas, and 16.5 months since we were last at the ranch. This week has been amazing already. We have loved every moment of introducing Lottie to our friends and family here in Texas and soaking up time with them as well.
Chris wrapped up block 5 on Friday, and we flew out Saturday afternoon. I planned Lottie’s entire schedule around our 145 pm flight. My plan was to give her a bottle after we boarded, so she would be eating while we took off (sucking is supposed to help them clear their ears), and we skipped her second nap, so she would fall asleep after eating. And sure enough, she got hungry at 145 pm and fell asleep right after the bottle; however, our flight was delayed 40 minutes, so my brilliant beyond brilliant mommy planning was for naught. She did wonderfully though.

Trying to entertain the baby in tight quarters
Our first order of business on Saturday was eating Tex-Mex with Gran, Papa, Uncle Chuck, Leena, Brian, Sarah, Dad, & Mom. Oh glorious Tex-Mex! It was incredible finally introducing my grandparents and uncle to Lottie.
Sunday, I hosted a baby shower for Sarah with 3 other wonderful ladies. We used her nursery theme of navy, red, white, & planes. I think it came off very well. I love doing being able to do things like this for a sister. God blessed me with an amazing SIL. I can’t wait to meet precious baby Luke!
I was in charge of the diaper cake. I kinda of winged it (pun intended), and I think it turned out pretty good.
*punch pic
Meeting Great Grandma Atteberry or Great Mimi if you will
On Monday, we had lunch with family friends and then attended a party Gran and Papa hosted, so our oldest (in length of time, not age) family friends, the Rossy’s, could meet Charlotte. Lottie also got to meet Aunt Karen.

4 generations of women :)
Aunt K & Lottie
Uncle Chuck & Lottie (this is fairly standard for him haha)
Tuesday, Charlotte and I went with my mom to her weekly coffee gathering, so she could share her grandbaby with them. Then, we took Lottie to Dad’s office, so he could enjoy showing her off. She was a little charmer at both as usual. After lunch at James Coney Island (a Houston treasure), Chris and I went to Bass Pro Shop, so he could spend his birthday money, which was burning a hole in his pocket. My mom sweetly took Lottie home for a nap. We may have over planned the poor thing a little. She hung in there gallantly, but at this pace, I could sense a meltdown brimming on the horizon. For dinner, we met up with the Noworatzky’s at Ruggles-City Centre. We were so excited to introduce our little girls to their future bff. They hit it off right away, of course.

It was great seeing Hattie & Josh and seeing a preview of what the next year would bring (Elli is 20 months old).

Notice how the little girls just ignore whatever madness their fathers are doing

After all the crazy, non-stop activity, we left for the ranch on Wednesday, which is where I sit now soaking up every moment. Sigh.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I updated the Week by Week pictures--finally!

I updated the week by week pictures. Sorry about the delay. I wanted to redo the pages, so now there is a separate page for the elephant pictures and for the cradle pictures. We are still doing both just in case we decide soon that she is too big to go into the cradle (i.e. standing up in it). I will update the outtakes soon.

I can't believe how much she has grown and changed. She is quite the young lady now.

Anyways, you can check out how much she how changed on the new pages!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

New excuse for missing work... husband's dog ate my homework breast pump parts.

No joke.

She did.

Not just any part, but the most expensive part--$40/each to replace.

Chris told me that we have no way of knowing that it was Winnie and not Amber.

But we all know that this dog couldn't possibly have done it:
And that this one sure could have:
Or this one could have:
Not to mention that Winnie's record is a little murky. It includes the following misdemeanors:
- Ceramic coasters
- 50 Liver Flavored Arthritis pills
- Baskets
- Electrical tape
- DVDs
- Picture frames
- My favorite flats
- 3 Crates
- Numerous bags of trash
- Electrical cords
- Dog beds
- Wood Christmas ornament
- Photo albums
- Tubberware containers
- Sunglasses
- Foam egg carton off the bed
I know it is un-American (you know the whole innocent until proven guilty thing), but Winnie is guilty, guilty, guilty and this
 and this
will be added to her record. Officially.
 PS Chris thinks in fairness to Winnie, this picture should be included.
Personally, I think this one should be stricken from the record.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Halloween

Chris and Lottie went as Calvin and Hobbes for Halloween, which is Chris' favorite comic strip of all time. He can relate to the mischievous Calvin without a doubt. They were pretty cute:

I technically went as Calvin and Hobbes' mom (I can relate to that role about as much as Chris can relate to Calvin haha). My costume wasn't super exciting, so I didn't really take any pics.
We decided not to take Lottie trick or treating since she is just a baby, so we hung out with a group from church to celebrate. We had a great time. Here are some more pictures of our stinkin' cute Hobbes.

I think Lottie enjoyed dressing up with her Daddy.