Thursday, February 26, 2015

It snowed! (no quotes needed)

It for real snowed--2 days this week too! It snowed about half an inch on Tuesday.

Then, Wednesday night, it snowed 3 inches.

Both times, the snow was beautiful, soft, and powdery with huge flakes. I have never seen snow this beautiful and light before. 

Tuesday, I took Lottie out while it was still snowing, so she could see snow. At first, she revealed that she has about as much love of the cold as her mother. Note the extremely unamused expression.

Then, she realized that something different was happening, and her curiosity was piqued.

We did not stay out too long, but she seemed to enjoy her first small snow experience.

Wednesday night, it snowed fairly hard our area. It was beautiful, so naturally we dressed warmly...

...and head out to play.

Notice the wonderful, huge flakes?

The next morning the world was transformed and gorgeous.

Again we bundled Lottie up, so she could get her first real snow experience.

Our little snow bunny 

What a precious pair

Exploring the beautiful snowy woods

Happy puppy and happy puppy tracks

Making a snow angel

Our snow angel. Don't see it? Yeah, it was a rather ethereal angel. 

Happy rosy noses and cheeks

It was a great morning. I love snow, especially when it only comes a couple of times a year. The North may make fun of how the South shuts down when we get a few inches of snow, but it means snow always equals fun and vacation and not an inconvenience. 

Beautiful, peaceful snow
Happy, beloved snow

PS In a couple of the pictures, you can actually see Lottie's teeth. She has 3. In the top picture, you can see her top tooth peeking out below her lip on the right. In the bottom picture, you can see her bottom two front teeth. The one on the right has just come in, so it is more difficult to see. So, Gigi, you now have pictures of her teeth.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Big Week for Lottie

The last week has been one of those weeks where several things happened all at once in Lottie's world.

First, her 3rd tooth arrived, the other bottom front tooth. I don't have a picture for this because getting pictures of a baby's teeth are incredibly difficult (think trying to get a picture of an alligator's teeth).

Second, I started working again. I am keeping 2 little boys--Rowan, a 19 month old and Finn, a 3 month old. They are very sweet, but Lottie is having to adapt to sharing her mommy, toys, and home. True to her social butterfly self, she is handling it well.

Third, this weekend we traveled to our future home--Gadsden, AL. More to come on that later.

Fourth, she started signing. We have been using sign language with her, and she signed "more" this weekend for the first time. She also does "finished" now. It is very handy; though, I think she signed "finished" to me this afternoon with a bit of an attitude. I guess it is starting.

Fifth, she started crawling on all fours. She crawls on all fours until she decides it is too slow or she falls to her belly, then she resumes army crawling.

Finally, she successfully pulls up on the furniture. She has been working on this awhile and could pull up on low things like a suitcase, but Friday, she successfully pulled herself up on the coffee table. Since then, it has been non-stop pulling up on things. Today, she fell and cut her lip on her first tooth, but that didn't stop her. About 30 minutes later, she fell and bumped her head. She was standing back at the coffee table minutes later. She also cruised a little today (took a few steps while holding onto the coffee table). She is on her way to walking!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It "snowed!"

Actually, we got iced, but it was fun all the same. It fell in perfectly round pellets and sounded really cool, like TV static (the good kind). We went out and played last night while it was still falling.

You can kinda see the round pellets in the flash of the camera.

As you can see, Chris tucked Lottie into his duck hunting jacket and toted her around. I thought she looked like a floating head.

The next morning, the world was bright and crunchy...

... so we had to go play again. 

Lottie is holding an icicle

By lunch time, it was already melting. The water was running under the ice on the street. I took a video because we thought it was cool. All you north folk probably think this is ridiculous. Haha.

Crazy to remember that this time last year I was pregnant in the snow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Studying up for her future

I already mentioned what Chris and I are doing to get our girl to Aggieland in this post and this post. Now our girl is doing her part:

Studying intently

Pointing to Elephant Walk (yep our little Ag is in a John Deere onsie)

Showing off her special book

Only one word for this:

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Visiting Luke - Part II

Lottie dictated a letter to her Daddy about the first part of the trip, and I will share the last little bit. We spent the final 3 days hanging out and just soaking up baby cousin time. For the most part, they played separately since Lottie "pats" and flings toys, but when they were together, it was really precious.

We also helped give Luke a bath...

...just like Aunt Sarah and "Luke" did when they visited.

We really had a great time and loved spending time with everyone and the incredibly precious Cousin Luke. It was great enjoying Luke as a sweet little newborn, especially since he eats like a champ and may be close to Lottie's size by April. His hands and feet are already about the same size as Lottie's (Lottie's foot is on the right).

He is going to be such a cutie chunk of a baby boy. We love that little man! Thanks Bros, Sarah, Luke, & Zoey for hosting us!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Lottie's First Tooth

Lottie finally got her first tooth.

It took a little while for one to come in, but I was slow to get my teeth, so it wasn't too surprising. I guess it is farewell to the sweet toothless baby grin and on to working on good dental hygiene.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We are moving to Alabama

Yep. You read that right. We are moving to Gadsden, Alabama in August for the last 2 years of medical school.

The hospital in Gadsden is a great match for Chris. The program is really good, and they have a very strong family medicine residency program.

We are very sad to leave Spartanburg. God blessed us here with an incredible church and wonderful friends and "family." However, we are excited about the adventure ahead of us and the opportunity to live in a new place. Please be praying for us as we work through all the details and go through the hectic moving process. And, we welcome any information about Gadsden that anyone may have!