Thursday, August 22, 2013


A short post about moving cross country in case anyone has a big move coming up. This was the first cross country move of both of us. My parents sweetly agreed to come with us to help out. We initially thought we would be driving a U-haul or something similar the 960 miles to Spartanburg, which had neither Chris nor my father super excited. However, we found a different solution, which ended up costing only $300 more and did not require driving a huge truck through several states. Our solution was U-Pack, and we had a great experience, so we wanted to share it with everyone. U-Pack is run by the national shipping company called ABF. They drop off a 28 foot trailer, which you pack with your stuff.

Once you are done, you put up a bulkhead, or dividing wall, and they pick up the trailer and load the remaining space with commercial cargo. In 3-5 business days, the truck is dropped off at your location after the commercial freight has been delivered, and you unload the truck. They charge you the set cost of shipping your stuff plus a per foot charge. We ended up needing a foot more than the quoted amount (we have so much stuff!! I am not sure how!). It was nice being able to use the extra foot and not worrying about needing a bigger truck or another POD or whatever. Everyone we dealt with was super nice and helpful. The truck arrived on time in Houston and was picked up early since our apartment complex decided to be difficult at the last minute. It arrived early in Spartanburg and was picked up on time. Everything arrived in great condition despite travelling through inclement weather. The only note I have is the trucks ride rough (same as all the moving trucks), so you need to pack your boxes full and well.

We are in the process of unpacking. Again, we have so much stuff. I don’t understand how we own this much, especially after the past year of Clutter Dieting. Here are some picks of Chris photo bombing my pictures. Clearly, the move to SC has not matured changed him at all. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Treasure Trove that is Our New House (This post is X-rated - read at your own discretion)

A single mom with 2 kids lived in the house before us. They left a ton of stuff in the house. We are still coming across things. Here is a sample of what we have found:
- Gameboy
- Little boy pants
- Hot pink Scooby-Doo suitcase
- Vacuum attachments
- Rubber chicken (in a bush outside)
- Goggles
- Socks (we have found an abundance of random kids socks in the backyard - only in the backyard)
- Beach toys
- Rake
- Huge pumpkin sign

For the most part, fairly normal things. However, I was putting stuff away in my closet while my parents were here, and I noticed a black computer type bag on a high shelf. Once I got it down, I saw it was labelled Educator Kit.
I instantly thought of Sarah, my SIL, and figured I may have some teaching stuff to send to her. Boy was I wrong as I discovered when I opened it up and found...


No joke.

It included several types of birth control (including cycle beads and a plastic model of the female reproductive system) as well as 2 dildos and several lubes. Not exactly the Educator's Kit I as expecting to see.