Thursday, March 27, 2014

Scheduled for Monday!!!

We decided to schedule to be induced for Monday since that is the beginning of Chris' week off. I am so far along that the doctor said it would be a "chip shot." So Lottie will be here by Monday at the latest!!!

Bestiemoon (Finally!)

Carrie made it in this time! Third try is the charm. We had a wonderful weekend of girl chatting and accomplishing things and just hanging out. Not only was it amazing finally having in person girl time after 15 months, but I was excited for Carrie to feel Lottie move and such that I would not have been able to share with my best friend after Lottie arrives. She should be back in May for some Auntie Carrie time.

We did a lot though I think it was much less than Carrie planned to do, but 38 week pregnant lady pace is not the same as normal lady pace even for someone like me. This last month has taught me a lot about sitting still and putting my feet up—something many of you know does not come naturally to me.

She basically helped me wrap up the nursery loose ends. We found boxes for the shelves under the changing table. They hold extra diapers, burp clothes, and such. We also dyed a curtain for the room. It was an incredibly successful Carrie-Beth adventure. The color was nothing like the one we choose, but it matches perfectly. The curtain dyed evenly and looks store bought actually. I am very impressed with us. We also did other organizing things and made felt flowers for the lamp shades. Finally, she accompanied me on errands, which is actually super helpful because it makes them more fun. Marching through Petco with a huge belly and having to get help loading and unloading dog food drags things out a bit. Anyways, here are pictures from our bestiemoon.

38 Weeks
Behind me is a pillow Carrie made
Directly behind me is the curtain
Behind Carrie are the boxes stowing the changing table stuff

Girlie Brunch
Mon Amie - a French cafe with yummy crepes

Belly bumping

Our finished curtain 

Making felt flowers

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Nursery (for now)

We finally have the nursery in a place that feels semi-complete. The nursery has changed several times from my original vision. You start out envisioning this magnificent room, then your budget cuts it down some, then your available time cuts it down some more, then your energy (or lack thereof) brings it down, and then practicality sets in (as it always does for an accountant). That being said, I am happy with where it is now and am super excited about the small projects I have in store to complete it. One big change is we opted to put the futon in the nursery in light of all the guests we will be having this summer. We decided it would be nice to have the extra bed. Lottie can stay in the pack and play in our room during these visits. Anyways, here is the room so far:

In the 3rd picture, you can see that Chris has even mounted the camera to our video monitor. I plan to paint the changing table white and add cute baskets to hold diapers, wipes, etc. The book shelves will eventually be decorated, and the stuff to the right of the crib will be moved. But for now, we feel good about bringing her home to this room.
Thank you Sarah for the banner!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Third Trimester

Less than 3 weeks from my due date. We are ready. She listened to her mama and stayed in through my big tax deadline of 3/15 though daddy is asking for her to wait until Wednesday since he has his Standardized Patient (SP) exam that day, which would be difficult to reschedule. She is in position and things are progressing, so it really could be any day. I guess only she and God can tell. Here are my third trimester pics so far:
Week 29 - Our Babymoon to Atlanta
(this is the GA Aquarium - see the whale shark above me)

Week 34 - Moving & misplaced the tank top & missed the pic,
but we got pics of Chris talking pharm & sweet things to Lottie

Week 35 - the Crib


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Second Trimester

The second trimester is the best. Everything fun happens in these months--feeling the baby, learning the gender, the anatomy ultrasound, showers, etc. I enjoyed mine.


 Our Christmas Card photo (in front of VCOM)

 Week 26 - Christmas in Abilene

 Week 27 - Christmas in Katy

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Beautiful Gift for Lottie

We received an absolutely beautiful gift today. It is a cradle built by my dad (with assistance from my mom). It is so gorgeous that I had to share pictures right away.


Assembling the Cradle:
Dad actually sent very detailed color instructions and all it required was a screwdriver. We are talking a whole other lever of craftsmanship here.


It came with a custom mattress and 4 sets of sheets. It is absolutely amazing. Charlotte is one beloved little girl.