Friday, March 4, 2016

DIY Christmas - DIY Gifts

As I mentioned in the last post, I had a blast doing DIY projects for Christmas. Most I made gifts, but I did complete 2 Christmas activities for Lottie.

First, I made her a felt Christmas tree to decorate on her own. Basically, the same craft that everyone did and posted all over Facebook.

The Minnie Mouse ornament was an especial favorite.

I also made an advent calendar of the names of Jesus. Each night we flipped one and read the related verses. I hope it helps us remember the Lord of Lords each Christmas.

Now for the gifts. I made 2 busy books. I bought pencil bags and filled them with various fun activities--velcro sticks, pom poms with catepiller counting cards (not shown here), lacing cards, and a puzzle.

I ended up making one for Lottie, too, for the plane ride to RI.

As a stocking stuffer for Chris and Brian, I made Daddy relaxing/play time shirts from A Thrifty Mom. I painted/drew a car town on the back of t-shirts, so Dad can lay down and enjoy having hot wheels rolled all over their backs. Daddy gets a rest and massage, and kiddo gets play time with Daddy. Genius.

For Luke's first birthday, I made him a birthday hat. He wasn't much of a fan, but I didn't take it personally.

Finally, the main feature--the road mat for Luke. I got the idea from How Does She. This was one of those projects where I even impressed myself with how well it turned out. I wasn't completely sure how cute it would be in the end, but I must admit I love it.

I had a blast personalizing it: Waits Grocery, Atteberry Airport, Cameron Park Zoo, and Zoey's Car Wash. I also made it interactive. The barn is a pocket of farm animals closed by velcro.

The car wash has a towel to wash the cars.

The zoo animals come out of their cage.

And, finally, all the houses hold pictures of his family. I even figured out how to make them removable, so they can be updated.

And check out this cutie enjoying it.

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