Friday, September 4, 2015

We're Back!...Starting with our weekend with the Martins

Gonna drop a bomb…we moved!

Gasp of surprise…y’all moved? <you pause while taking this in> Oh, wait, Beth, you mean the move that happened one and a half months ago? A little delayed on the posting, are ya?

So yeah. I may have let the blog slide, but here’s to a huge catch-up over the next few weeks! We are in process of unpacking the last few boxes and decorating, so hopefully a post on our new house will come shortly.

In my last post, I mentioned that Chris was done, which was so incredible after 3 months of barely seeing him that we may have spent our last few days in Spartanburg having more fun than we really had time to be having. But hey YOLO! (For those not in the know that is the abbreviation for the trendy phrase You Only Live Once.)

The last minute event that we were beyond excited worked out was a weekend in Charlotte with Jack and Brittany Martin, some of our most favorite people in the world. Jack has been stationed with the Air Force in England. We see them almost every year, but in March, they moved the AFB in North Carolina. We were pumped when we found out they would be only 4 hours away until we found out we would be moving another 6 hours away. We decided we needed to have a quick getaway to take advantage of our close proximity. Charlotte ended up being the best option, and we had a blast with them as we always do.

Since Jack and Brittany are airplane aficionados and Chris, Lottie, and I enjoy them as well, we went to the Charlotte Aviation Museum. It is a great little museum.

Checking her instruments

 Not only are airplanes Jack’s hobby, but he flies F-15s (you can see why Chris thinks he wrote the Book of Awesome). He had a wealth of knowledge about each of the planes, which made the museum even cooler.

A little background on our friendship. Brittany and I have been close since freshman year of high school when we ate lunch together. I quickly made myself at home with her family. She has one of the coolest families, and her family is the main reason I want to have a large family. Her siblings are so close, so it really was impossible to be best friends with Brittany without becoming friends with her siblings, especially the oldest 3 girls. Her parents also adopted me. Her dad even gave me interview training when I had to interview for scholarships. I still cherish my memories of time at the Oligney house, and Chris and I have even dropped in on Mr. and Mrs. Oligney when Brittany isn’t in town in the past few years. All that to say that Brittany is one of those best friends who you can call even after not chatting for a couple of years and feel like y’all never stopped talking. And we didn’t keep in touch for a couple of years really (other than attending our weddings and such), but we decided to meet up a few years back. We only met for lunch, but you would have thought Chris and Jack were the ones who had known each other since high school. They are like 2 peas in a pod. To hear Chris tell it, the guys are the real reason Britt and I are still friends. Anyways, I just want to say that we love this couple very much and are so thankful that God has blessed us with such incredible lifelong friends. We just soaked up this weekend with them.

After the aviation museum, we visited the NC Raptor Center. I love the Raptor Center. I may have knowledge vomited the whole time.

The only picture I took

Lottie was very interested in my facts

Our last activity was to head to the Charlotte InternationalAirport Overlook Park to watch the jets take off and land. Lottie loves this.

"Buh-bye Panes!"

A lesson in aircraft engineering

Mimicking Aunt Britt-Britt

Needless to say, the weekend was awesome! We are sad that we won't be 4 hours from them for the next 2 years but having them back in the USA should equal more opportunities to see them.