Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First Day of Summer!

So this guy is done with his second year of med school and Step 1 boards!

And we could not be more excited to have him back! Since the second week of April he has only taken 2 full days off: Mother's Day and Father's Day. It has definitely been the hardest block of med school, but we survived and are on the other side! We celebrated by giving him a large mouth bass hat card (naturally).

For his first official day off, we headed to Hollywild Animal Park, which is a zoo that includes a safari ride among loose animals. We have been waiting to go until Lottie was old enough to enjoy it. We had an incredible day. We saw and fed several animals.

The goats were very eager of course.

Lottie did not know what to make of them at first.

But eventually, she fed them.

She thought it was especially funny when the goats tried to eat her shoe.

She really loved feeding the fish.

Several of the animals had been in TV shows, commercials, and movies. We even met the horse from Pippi Longstocking!

We went on the safari ride to see all the loose animals.

We fed bison (his tongue was soooo rough), a highland cow (he was our favorite--super goofy & cute & soft), deer, and several other types of cows. 

We tried to get Lottie to feed the animals. She took the cracker.

But she wasn't super thrilled with the idea. Note the "ewww, no thank you" look.


We had a great day--it was beautiful weather-wise, and it was amazing having an outing as a family.

Lottie seemed to enjoy all the animals; however, she was very ready for her nap by the end of the day.

 Now onto packing!