Monday, October 27, 2014

Flat Stanley Comes to Visit

My cousin, Wyatt, who is in first grade, sent us his Flat Stanley. We sent the following letter and pictures to his class, but we thought it would be fun to include it on the blog as well. For those of you not familiar with Flat Stanley, it is from a book about a boy who is flattened, and therefore, is able to travel by mail to fun places. Each student colors a Flat Stanley and mails it to someone to take him on an adventure. Here is our adventure with Stanley.

Dear Wyatt & Mrs. Bohne’s Class,
Flat Stanley came by mail to Spartanburg, South Carolina on Monday, October 6th. We introduced ourselves as Wyatt’s cousins Chris, Beth, and Baby Charlotte. He had a great time playing with Charlotte.

We also showed him a map of the US, so he could see where he was.
On Tuesday morning, Stanley joined us at Charlotte’s doctor’s appointment. He made her laugh even though she had to get 3 shots.
We live in South Carolina because Chris is attending medical school at Virginia Tech College of Medicine. We took Flat Stanley to Chris’ school. Chris gave him a tour of the school.  
Stanley also helped Chris practice taking the blood pressure,
 listening to the heart beat,
 and performing CPR
on the school’s practice patient. He really enjoyed learning how to do these things.
That night we borrowed the book about Flat Stanley and let Stanley read it to Charlotte.
On Friday, Stanley went to work with Beth who works in the nearby city of Greenville, South Carolina. 
She works as a tax accountant just like Wyatt’s mother. It uses a lot of numbers and math, so Stanley got to practice his math. During Beth’s lunch break, she walked Stanley over to the Falls Park on the Reedy, a beautiful park in the middle of downtown Greenville. It has a big bridge that crosses over a waterfall. Stanley really liked the view.
The next day, Saturday, Stanley flew with us to Houston, Texas. It was Charlotte’s first time on a plane and her first trip to Texas. We were going home to see family, including Wyatt’s great grandmother. Stanley loved looking out the window on the flight. 
We spent a few days in Katy, Texas. Then, we all travelled to Burnet, Texas to our lake house on Lake Buchanan. It is called the Aero-Bee Ranch.
Chris went hunting, and Charlotte, Beth, and Stanley relaxed and enjoyed the outdoors. Stanley also helped drive the old green jeep.  
 Lake Buchanan is in the middle of a drought just like a lot of Texas, so the lake is pretty empty. Stanley took a picture with the lake, so everyone could see how dry it is.
All of the green behind Beth and Stanley should be covered in water.
Finally, our trip ended, and Stanley needed to return to Wyatt, so we printed pictures of our time together and included them with Stanley on his trip back through the mail to Mrs. Bohne’s class. We enjoyed our time with Stanley so much! Thanks for sending him to us.

Chris, Beth, & Charlotte

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

I took Lottie to a pumpkin patch today for some first fall/Halloween photos. For you locals, we went to Strawberry Hill, which was a lot of fun. I am going to make Chris take me back for some of their homemade ice cream. I had a hard time getting Lottie to look at me and smile. She was way more interested in the hay and all the people. The few smiling photos are due to wonderful strangers helping out by smiling at her behind me. This child knows no stranger. Anyways, here are the photos. I probably included too many, but I couldn't help it.

Too much sun in these (maybe Auntie Carrie can help these out some???) 
First wagon ride
The remainder are Lottie on our deck with her pumpkin.